Like many interested members of the internet community, I have been following with interest as additional information becomes available in the Julie Amero case. (Background here by me and here by Catherine.) I hope that it is some consolation to Ms. Amero to know that she has the support of so many people around the world. Oh yes, I said “around the world”. In addition to the article in The Register, this case has been the topic of discussion among people located throughout Europe, including Sweden, Finland and the U.K.

It appears that those public and private discussions are having an effect. Today, the SunbeltBLOG posted a link to the “Network Performance Daily”, in which Brian Boyko arranged for the forensic examiner to present his commentary of not only the extent of his analysis of the infected computer but also his courtroom experience.

See The Strange Case of Ms. Julie Amero: Commentary by Mr. Herb Horner then read Mr. Horner’s concluding paragraph again:

“Let this experience stand as a warning to all that use computers in an environment where minors are present. The aforementioned situation can happen to anyone without fail and without notice if there is not adequate firewall, antispyware, antiadware and antivirus protection. That was not provided by the school administration where Julie Amero taught.”

In the event you have missed other recent publications on this travesty, you may want to see the following: