We’ll walk you through the details of installing and securing a wired and Wi-Fi local-area network, which can connect four to eight people in a 600-square foot workspace.

This article will walk you through the fine details of conceiving, installing, and securing a wired and Wi-Fi local-area network. For the purposes of this project, we’re envisioning a 600-square foot physical space for four to eight people, with two sets of desks in the front of the office, and two sets of desks in the back of the office.

We’ll call our fictional small business Ergo; it’s an industrial design consulting firm. The goal here is to create a network that has multiple Ethernet outlets and ubiquitous WiFi access. It is worth noting that the principles and directions in this eight-step DIY will work regardless of what size/shape physical space your business is located. The only variables are cable length and the number of wired LAN ports you’ll need.

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