As a frequent visitor I noticed the homepage has been updated. Nice clean design! Are you changing the contents too? It seems there are more questions.

Yes we have. Thanks for noticing!

The homepage was formerly an aggregate of security news posts from other sites, with an occasional commentary or unique story. We didn’t think it offered great value, or fit real well with the new name and theme of the site. So, the design was tweaked, and the focus changed to tech related questions and answers.

You likely noticed?the prominent Ask! button. Clicking it presents the option of posting your questions in the forums (recommended), or in the form provided. Some questions submitted via the form will be posted and replied to on the homepage. All questions will be read, but not all will recive replies. We’ll feature the most common questions, and those with the broadest appeal.

If you have any questions or comments about the new layout, we’d like to hear them!