Windows Vista recently displayed the following message:


Do you want to send more information about the problem?

Additional details about what went wrong can help Microsoft create a solution.

Should I send the information? What does it contain, and what’s done with it?

Yes! Click that ‘Send information’ button.


The information will be used to fix the problem, and will even let you know when the fix is available. It doesn’t contain any personal information, only data that can help identify and resolve the problem.

If you happen to be the first person to experience the bug, a new entry will be created in the bug database. If it’s already been reported, then your report will increase the counter. The more bug reports a bug receives, the more resources allocated to fix it. If you don’t report it, it may go unnoticed, or not receive the attention it deserves. You also may not know when it’s been fixed.

Maybe the best reason to send the information, is that after the bug is fixed, Windows Vista will notify you. Then you can apply the fix. Whether it’s a Windows patch, or an update from a third party.

Next time you’re frustrated because of a crash, improve your experience, and everyone else’s, by hitting that ‘Send information’ button.