Everyone is always looking for ways to spend less $$$ while maintaining a quality PC, here are some of my favorite upgrades for a new or old PC:

Wireless Keyboard/Mouse– it’s always a great feeling to get rid of those crummy wires- plus if you choose a nice set, you can control volume, media players, get shortcuts to emails/word documents?the sky is the limit- it’s controlling your entire computer from a couple easy buttons on your keyboard/mouse (ladies,this means you can even match your monitor or speakers for better looking computer desks!)

Wireless Internet Cards/Routers- for those of you with laptops who are still plugging in blue ethernet chords?just stop! YOU are outdated if you still use those blue cat5 cables with your laptop. Most laptops come standard now with a wireless card to connect to the internet from anywhere around the house/yard. This also is a great segway to a new router. Routers are becoming the talk of the tech world now with such new innovations that are providing to be useful more then ever. Some of the newest routers contain features like build in harddrives to have a network ready storage bin for everyone in the family to share documents or for users who like to work on a desktop and then work on that same file on a laptop as well


Better Display– If anyone is reading this article on a CRT?you have issues. LCD?s are the only way to go in our modern world with the prices expected to DROP rapidly (even though they are pretty reasonable at the moment) Treat yourself to a larger display (17-24″) moniter and dont feel shy to even look at some widescreen views. If your someone who spends some significant time on the computer- or if you even use it for simple email tasks, a monitor upgrade should be high on your list!

Sound Quality– Mp3 players are now owned by over 20% of the worlds population which means these users have a source for putting their music onto these players. Most computer users suffer through poor sound quality when a quick 30-50 dollar sound card and 20 dollar upgrade for a cheap pair of speakers would solve some ailing ears

Dont be afraid to spend some money on these products as they arent so ?rapid- changing? as their hardware brother and sisters!