I have a bunch of movies and large files I’ve been using and I want to transfer them over to an external to save my computer hard drive space.? When I plugged in my external (via USB) it would take the smaller files, but it would say there was an error with the larger ones and it could not copy them over because of their size.? Does this mean I am stuck with the large files on my computer permanently?? What’s the point of having an external if it cannot take all files!

I myself fell to the same problem, and it was a pretty silly solution!

Most external hard drives have a file format of FAT32.? These file formats do not allow transfers of file sizes over 4 gigabytes.? It seems pretty senseless to keep these drives where they cannot accept larger files, so the real question is why do they format them this way?? One of the main reasons is its performance with smaller files.? It is able to call back to these small files much quicker then a different format which has been its primary use when these external devices came out.

*Most flash/thumb drives are formatted in FAT32 for this reason, except we may see a change soon due to the exponential increase in sizes*

If you are using a Windows Machine, I recommend plugging in your external hard drive, backing up any data you may have on it, and then in the My Computer panel, right click and hit format.? Choose the NFTS file system and hit quick format.? Drag and drop over your old and new files and that should do the trick!

(Mac users can choose an HFS+ file system – same effect)

This should solve your problem!