Every week, (about 10 times a week) my computer boots up and says its beginning?a?dump?of physical memory.? Not only does that sound disturbing, I was wondering?how harmful it is and what I need to do?to fix it?

While this particular error message sends a horrific vivid picture, its more of a hardware alarm.? Most people receive the “dump of physical memory” message due to a faulty or loose piece of hardware.? Check a couple things out first inside your PC:

Before touching any components inside your machine, make sure you ground yourself and take appropriate precautions:

1) Check the memory sticks on your mother board.? Make sure they are securely placed.? If so, you could try cleaning the memory sticks.? Take an soft pencil eraser and run them gently along the gold pins. Place them back in their appropriate slots.

2) Dust or other debris inside?? Cleaning your computer is like cleaning your home!? Any dust or debris inside can make fans run slower and make system components overwork and overheat!? Look for some computer cleaning kits online or in a local shop!? I highly recommend it, it makes your PC quieter too!

3)?Insufficient/Bad?Power Supply…as complicated as it sounds, it pretty much means that your motherboard and other devices are not getting as much power as they really need to run properly.? Try a higher wattage and it should take care of the issue.? (Note: This one is a big solution fixer to new computer builds experiencing the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD))