The older computers today have a ton of weight on them; in the tower and in the monitor. The easiest and most effective way to shed some pounds and upgrade your experience is upgrading the monitor. Most present day computers come equip with LCD’s but the older machines were send out with large CRT monitors; most of which can weight up to 30-50 pounds!

Check out a guide below on what the best size monitor is for you and how to dump your old display!

First, assess your needs. Are you someone who only uses your computer for email or are you a heavy gamer. For those of you who use your computer for business needs, have you ever considered a dual monitor setup? Studies have shown that office professionals who have a dual monitor setup show a 20% increase in productivity.

For email/web surfing users: For users who only surf the web and use the computer for email, you can stick with a 19″ LCD. I personally feel a 17″ screen is a bit small and anything bigger would be unnecessary for your use. A decent screen can be found for around $99 bucks. Check some sites like Passwird for some deals online or for some local bargains.

Gamers/Home Office users: Anyone who has invested in a more powerful PC or who might be doing online trading/large excel spreadsheets should look at a monitor in between the 20-24″ range. Don’t be shy to look at the wide screen models; they do wonders for office documents and financial reports. Expect to pay around $150-199 for a decent screen. For those of you who are looking for the utmost performance, focus on a fast response time, but do not try to find a screen with a massive contrast ration. After a basic ratio that most screens have, the human eye cannot even pick up on the increase in ratio.

Most local dumps and salvation armies will accept old CRT monitors so long as they are in good working condition!

Happy hunting, let us know which screen you decide to go with and how many pounds you’ve lost!