I recently restarted my computer and tried to open some programs which froze. So naturally I went for the Task Manager to end the processes for those programs. But when I tried to use it, the Task Manager was disabled. How do I restore task manager and use it again?

Out of all the tools on your computer, the smallest ones are often the most powerful. While the majority of computers users do not fully utilize the properties and resources of the Task Manager, almost everyone can notice the burden when it is disabled or not functioning properly. As you noticed, it limits your ability to observe and control running applications.

The problem you report is not completely uncommon, but requires you to look into the registry, change the system properties to lift those restrictions, and allow Task Manager to run again.

The easiest and safest way to edit the registry is by using a registry script. Let’s start! Download the registry script taskmgrfix.reg.

Save to your desktop or other location. Unzip. Next, Right-click on the taskmgrfix.reg file and left-click Merge. Say Yes to any prompts.

By applying this registry fix, you’re enabling the Task Manager, and should be able to use it to disable any future processes. The task manager has a lot to offer. I encourage you get familiar with the other tabs of the Task Manager, and use it as more of a regular resource!

*Credit for this solution goes to: jpshortstuff. Classroom Teacher in our forums.