Hi, I have Dell Optiplex 760 desktop pc (not minitower), it’s looks pretty small though, but anyway i want to add radio 512 PCI express graphic card. After I purchased one, I discovered the graphic card because of the size it can’t suitable for this model pc so could I get some help to find 512 PCI express graphic card for this model PC?? Thanks for your time!

The graphics card is the most upgraded part in the PC as it has come to be the bottleneck of our modern computing era.? While custom homebuilt machines offer a easy switch from one part to another, most factory made computers (from Dell, HP, Apple, etc.) do not offer such ease of upgrade; they?d rather you buy a new computer!

The Dell Optiplex uses something called a ?Low-Profile half bracket? video card.? Let?s examine what the difference is between that and the standard card you bought and check out some available options for your machine.

A low profile card usually fits, size wise into the catagories of:

  • Height: 1.42 inches (36.07 mm) to 2.536 inches (64.41 mm)
  • Depth: 4.721 inches (119.91 mm) to 6.6 inches (167.64 mm)

While a standard card has a height of 4.2 inches and a depth of 12.283 inches.? If you put those numbers side by side, you can see the big difference between the two.

I hate to use this when I talk about machines, especially when our generation is moving to smaller and faster technology, but with video cards right now, it seems that size does matter.? Smaller video cards usually do not perform anywhere near their bigger brothers and sisters and usually cost a lot more for the same performance.

There are plenty of options out there, but you might have to spend a little more $$ for something that will run higher video intense games.? Try looking here at NewEgg for something in the 512MB range.? It’s important to know that these cards are “full bracket.”? Make sure you look for ones that are half bracket otherwise there will be a sizing issue in the case.? Some advocate for buying a full bracket card and removing the outer bracket and allow it to fit into a slimline PC but it will not be able to be screwed in and the card will naturally have to hold itself in place so beware!

Next time, I definitely recommend a custom built machine.? Most people are scared when they hear that they have to assemble it themselves, but with the guidance from our System Building/Upgrading Forum, you?ll be up and running before you know it; plus its only a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

*Credit for the solution goes to appleoddity and jephree, valued members of our tech team.