I downloaded a newer version of iTunes last week…I think it was #8, but now
when I try and go onto iTunes, it says the connection to the internet is not
there, when in fact it is because I am online right now with the ability to send you this message.? Please tell me how I can correct this, because I cannot add any new songs to my iPod or buy new song on iTunes. Thank you very much.

iTunes has a lot of factors that effect its internet connection, one of which being from the web proxy settings it uses.? In order to verify the settings are correct, we’ll walk through some of the menus and options to see if we can fix the problem on could be blocking the internet connection to iTunes.

First, let’s check the web proxy settings.we’ll start by opening up the Control Panel.? Next look for the Network and Internet icon and open up the Internet Options.

Navigate to the connections tab and look for the LAN Settings.? Look for the Proxy Server portion and examine the boxes that are filled in or checked.? If you see some filled and used, uncheck them and deselect the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” checkbox.

Click the OK button in the LAN settings and Internet Options windows and try iTunes again.? If this does not work, I would try try a reinstall of iTunes with removing the programs and settings/reboot/reinstall of software.

Enjoy your tunes!