I get tons of PDF’s from a friend who sends me them to read and edit for him.why he sends them in PDF format is a question I’ll never be able to answer, but I cannot edit them and its getting pretty tedious to send the corrections on a separate document.? Is there anyway around this?? How do I open and edit a PDF file and then send it back?

The Personal Document Format (PDF) is a very useful format to some as it can not be modified, erased or edited in its form.? Geeks, hackers, experts and novices have tried to break the code to edit the format of a PDF but no one has been successful.

I know I’m going to get tons of criticism for saying this, but I am NOT a fan of the famous PDF.? I do not like a file format that cannot be edited or modified; isn’t that what electronic documents are all about?? In my opinion, if you have something you do not want to be tampered with, you use other security measures and tools.? I’ve done some research on the internet and looked into some powerful tools but only came across one option that did not cost an arm and a leg to use!? Check out this website that helps you convert and edit PDF files.

To convert and edit PDF files, I recommend using convertpdftoword.net.? It is a powerful tool that converts a PDF document to either a word document, image, text or html for a given user to edit and modify.? It provides another tool to convert that modified text back into a PDF document to send away again!

For our original question asker, I really suggest this website to try out.? Convert your PDF document to Word, make your corrections and then either create a new document or convert back using the “Text to PDF” option.

I’m still going to state my opinion of my hesitance towards PDF documents.? I find there are other alternatives, especially when making a document that’s meant to be edited.? I advise you to show your friend the revisions option on Office 2007.? It’s a very handle tool that allows a user to view the corrections made and either accept or deny the revision.

Good luck and happy editing.