More and more cell phone users are choosing smart phones for their mobile needs.? Smart phones offer the luxury of a small computer in the small size of a mobile device.? Most mobile subscribers are unaware of the features a smart phone has to offer, such as Windows Office Mobile (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as well as other customizable ringtones, options, menus, programs and much more!

For those smart phone users out there, I’ve recently come across a new beta from Microsoft that is very useful tool to try.? Check out the beta release of My Phone and read further for an overview of its features.

My Phone is a similar program to what the Apple iPhone offers.? My Phone allows a user to sync their wireless device to an online storage cloud (200MB) to backup contacts, calendars, appointments, photos, videos, text messages, emails and much more wirelessly which can be utilized from a computer, another mobile device or a replacement device should yours break!

One use of the program that comes immediately in my mind is the use of the cell phone camera.? Take a picture and only view it on your cell phone?? Why not transfer it to a computer or an online web location to show your friends or post on your social networking page.? The program can be made to update and back up automatically.

As always, there’s rules and restrictions on its use and you need to make sure your phone has been updated with Windows Mobile 6 OS, but overall, it’s pretty free for use and seems very simple.

The program is free currently, and I suggest you sign up now and give it a try.? Let us know of your experience with it.