I’m always in the market for buying domains and then flipping them, and every time I come up with one, it seems like such a tedious process to search and find out they are taken.? Is there anyway to speed up this process or anyway to search for batch domains?

The domain business is a booming industry with some domains selling for millions and millions of dollars.? If you have a knack for finding good domains, you can make some very serious money, but it is not for everyone.

Searching for new domains is always tricky, but there are sites to use that will allow you to instantly determine if a domain is available without the need to type in any security codes, image verifications nor need to be a member to use.

I recommend Instant Domain Search for all your domain-ing needs.? If you are someone who likes to play with words for the domain, its a perfect site that allows you to type in letter by letter searching if that specific domain is available and it tells you..well.instantly!

Instant Domain Search displays the prices of each major domain company such as GoDaddy, 1 & 1, Network Solutions and provides the availability of the .net and .org extensions.

If you’re a big domain’er and are constantly searching for domains on the fly, Instant Domain Search is a great website to keep bookmarked for your domain needs.