I have worked in the computer field for 30 years and I have the CISSP cert, but
I cannot read a Hijack This.? Where in the world do you learn how to read them?
Is there a book or a class?? I want to join the fight!

I admire your passion to join the right site of the fight, not to mention the wonderful credentials you bring to the table!? Joining the fight to protect users is a noble effort and can be taught from our forums!

The way to join the fight against malware victims at What the Tech is in our classroom.? This classroom is made available in order to train malware fighters who will volunteer to help victims in the forums.

Check out how to sign up and get started today!

The Classroom was founded in 2003 as part of the Tom Coyote Classroom!? It has a rich history and comes with a technical prestige!? Beware that not all are made for the Classroom but we haven’t lost a single man/woman yet!

The Classroom is not intended for self help lessons or commercial purposes.

Trainees are required to participate in answering practice logs and posting to receive feedback from the volunteer Classroom Teachers. This free interactive educational program does require that participation, therefore inactive students will be removed from the Classroom.

A new student should not apply to and enroll in more than one school at the beginning of their training, this is to ensure the trainee is actively participating in the programs and avoid overload in their learning. We want you to enjoy and successfully complete the program.

If you have sought assistance for a PC in any malware removal forum, please do not apply to the Classroom until the machine has been cleaned and the thread closed.

Please apply here if your intention is to be trained in order to help victims of malware in the forums.

One will usually hear from the Classroom Team no later than one week after your application is received to notify you of your status.

*The above has been taken from a tutorial and post made by Tashi, a valued member on the Administrative Team of the forums.