I installed Vista 32 bit on a new machine that I built. I am considering
upgrading to Windows 7 and was wondering if a 64 bit version can install over
the 32 bit version?? My hardware can certainly handle the 64 bit.

The move to Windows 7 is exciting enough, but making the move from a 32 bit system to a 64 bit machine makes the entire experience so much better.? When I made the upgrade, I noticed an overall increase of speed and better allocation and use of system resources.? Moving from a Vista 32 bit OS to Windows 7 64 bit is pretty simple, but there are some rules you must follow.? In your case, there is no way to “upgrade” a 32 bit machine to a 64 bit software without an entire clean install as the drivers and file system is different in both sets of software.

The move to a 64 bit system is possible, but let’s look at some suggestions on how to upgrade your machine for the easiest and smoothest transition.

One option you have is to purchase the upgrade version of Windows 7.? By doing so, you can make a clean install but use the file and transfer wizard to ease the pain of the clean install.

The way I made the upgrade was just a literal backup of all my data on an external device, reformat and then install of Windows 7.? I chose this option over the other because it was the best way to wipe everything old from my computer and insure I start with a clean slate.

If I had to make a decision between the two, I would choose the latter of the two options because it gives you a piece of mind knowing you are starting fresh.? It wipes everything old that lingered from your old OS and there are ways to grab all the data, bookmarks, and other programs you use to move over to the new install.

By now, you should already back up your data on an external device, so why not just make sure you have everything down, gather the disks for the programs you frequently use, write down the things you’d need to download again (java, flash, acrobat reader, etc.) on a post it note and you’ll be done faster then you can imagine! I do advise that you search the parts in your system and download 64 bit drivers on a USB key before you reformat. It makes the process to get up and running again after the initial install much faster.

Let us know what you think about the new Windows 7 experience and the move from a 32 bit OS to 64 bit!