I just downloaded the new msn8 version that is being advertised everywhere, and suddenly windows keeps popping up that panostandalone, asking about some disk-1, which is non-funct, and it will NOT remove no matter how many times I click it off! It keeps giving me an Error 0717 code. What is this pano thing all about, and why is this occurring?? Could it be that msn-8 just didn’t downloading/upgrade properly and messed up something with my windows?? It’s freaking me out!

We attribute recent downloads to problems that occur on our PC’s and usually 90% of the time, our assumption is correct, but consider this case the other 10%.

The problem you describe, panostandalone, is not malware or virus related, but a software issue.? This software issue is a bad install or a couple missing files which is causing the sudden window popups.

Let’s look at the software that is causing this issue and the solution we’ll use to get rid of the problem.

PANOSTANDALONE is a part of HP’s PhotoSmart Printer.? I presume you’ve had one or currently use one with the software on your PC so the CD or installation files are required to install the software.

The installation was never completed so the HP software that is installed will continue to attempt to install the missing software until it is done correctly. Once the installation is run again has been done properly, the constant persistence to fix the solution and perform the install will go away.

Try using the “HP Image Zone Plus” disk that came with your printer should do the trick if you pop it back in your machine and reinstall the software.

Also, I highly recommend you use Firefox as your main browser!? Try it out and see if it suits you the same or better than MSN!