My son is going off to college this year, and I know we need to buy him a new laptop.? I’m wondering when is the best time to buy his laptop and are there any discounts I should look out for or any special bundles or savings?? What should I get him?? Thanks.

Buying your student their laptop for school is usually an expense most people forget about until it comes time to actually purchase it!? While the laptop itself can get a bit pricey, don’t be lured and tricked into buying more then you need by coupling your item with expensive side hardware and software.

There are plenty of deals that are available for college students that include some freebies and upgrades at no extra cost!

The biggest laptop deal that sticks out in my mind is through Apple.? Most computers are discounted $100-200 with some freebies such as a free iPod touch and at times they do include a free printer.? Most campuses are starting to become wireless so the built in wifi on the iPod Touch can come in handy.? Their Macbook is very equip for most students, but for ones who appreciate finer computing or gaming, I recommend the Pro.? The new Macbook air is still on my “do not buy” list as it is very flimsy and can easily be broken.

Dell offers similar promotions with free printers which are perfect for the dorm.? The place where you can score with Dell is through their warranty.? Many students are offered the accidental warranty at no extra cost or one or two more years on top of the base warranty.? I cannot stress the importance of making sure you are protected with your laptop; it should last 3-4 years of their schooling lifetime before an upgrade could be needed.

College campuses and bookstores do offer discounts that are given to the school by these big retailers.? Call your school to find out which discounts are available directly to the students or to the campus and place an order through them.? By doing so, many schools offer free tech support on campus so your student does not have to waste time when they have a computer malfunction.

I hope this shed some more light on where the best discounts are.? Do not spree for expensive software as many of the required software can be purchased through the school at a student discount.