I have a couple Gmail accounts and I only use one and I do not want to have the other.? They are similar in name but I was able to get the desired one and I only want to be hooked up with the first one so is there a way to delete an email account specifically in Gmail.? Is there any negative reasons that I would not want to do this? Thank you for your help.

Everyone carries tons of separate accounts with regards to email.? Whether you have a platter filled with Hotmail and Yahoo or Gmail and other personal work addresses, everyone has more then one account.

Surprisingly enough, I think that if possible, people would want to simplify all addresses to one destination.? While there are solutions such as Outlook or other email clients, I believe everyone would want to have just two accounts.? One for real email addresses and one for spam mail.

If you’re looking to get rid of the Gmail account, I highly recommend you do so, just verify that you do not have any contacts sending important or regular email there.

There is no “cancel” button in Gmail, but through some trickery we can use to cancel the account.

Login to your account and at the top right, click on Settings and then choose the Account and Settings.

Navigate to the middle of the page to find look for the Google Account settings tab which lets you reset your password or change your security question.

On the My Products, select the Edit option and choose the last option which is to: Close account and delete all services and info associated with it.

Read the very serious and frightening disclaimer.? Select your options and choose to “Delete Google Account.”

Your done.now celebrate your liberation!