If I want to share a file with some of my Titter readers how do I do so?? It is not illegal or copy written so I’m pretty sure I can share this over the internet.? Is there a way that I can do this or do I have to post a link to an outside site or something for them to obtain the file there?? Thanks

There’s no denying the success Twitter has had in the recent year as its grown astronomically in its users and readers.? Many of our readers and users on this forum use the website as a status update or even as a “messaging” service from time to time.? For those of you who “tweet” and would like to share a file with your audience there are many means for doing so but there’s one that I particularly found to be the best.

TweetaFile.com is one of the easiest ways to share a file over Twitter.? As it states, really the only thing that sets a batch email or announcement apart from Twitter is the ability to share files and now that gap is slowly closing.? TweetaFile is very easy to use, utilizing your Twitter login name and password to login so you do not have to create a seperate registration!

I really like the integration that TweetaFile has to offer.? The more registrations I have to make for a given website or purpose, the more annoyed I get.? The website is very simple in its layout but one of lifes cardinal lessons states: KISS (keep it simple *silly*).

As you said in your post, I highly advise against posting any material that could have a copy write on it or has been obtained through illegal means.? If the source or use of the material is in question, I suggest you do not try and share it.? Any illegal file sharing is strictly prohibited so do not involve yourself in the scheme!