I have a couple pictures and a video (short 2 minute clip) I want to send to my cell phone but I do not have a MicroSD card slot that my friend has.? How do I send files over to my cell phone?? Can I email myself or something?? Thanks.

You covered the first suggestion that I would have made with the MicroSD card slot.seems your phone is either razor thin or pretty outdated if it does not have one of those slots!

If you do not have a MicroSD card or are not sure if your phone has that feature, there are other options to send items to your phone from your computer.

Personally, I like to use Beam it Up Scotty.? Beam it Up Scotty is a fast, free and easy way to send pictures, videos, music, documents or any other file to your cell phone within seconds.

To use Beam it Up Scotty, upload your file with the “Browse” button.? Hit the “Upload File” button and it will begin the process.? It will compress your file to fit on your phone but anything after 5 minutes will be cut off (video and audio).

After the compression, it will prompt for your cell phone number and send you a SMS/text message with a download link to download the files to your phone!