My friend gave me a webcam from IBM to use on my computer so I can video chat while I am away, but he did not have the CD or “drivers” that came with it because it is older.? My computer still has Windows XP on it because I do not like Vista but can I still use it on my machine?? Thanks so much for your guys are the best!

Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, you have all the CD’s, “drivers” and manuals online!? Many companies have uploaded their software on the internet to make it easier for customers to continue to use their product even if they have misplaced or lost the CD.

The “drivers” you refer to are is higher level *mini* software that allows the rest of your computer to communicate with that given device.? Mainly anything hooked up to a computer needs a driver, including the parts that come inside the machine.? It communicates with the computer through the computer BUS (subsystems that help the devices talk to one another) and is crucial in making sure parts are working correctly with one another.

To get your IBM Webcam working, we’ll have to download some drivers from the internet and install them.? You’ll barely recognize any difference from installing drivers than you would installing any ordinary downloaded program.

Download the drivers for the IBM Webcam here. Those are specific for Windows XP.

Once they are downloaded, double click on the file and install the program.? It will be similar to any installation you have run before for other programs downloaded from the internet.

Make sure your device is plugged in before you install the drivers. After the installation is complete, reboot your computer with your device plugged in and you should be good to go!