My modem does not turn on, but they’re is a circle in back of it that looks like it could take a power cord which I might’ve lost.? Do they need power cords or does that connect to the computer which provides it with power?? If it does need a power cord, where could I get one?? I want to get my internet working at home.? Sorry if this question seems very stupid but I really appreciate the help.

Welcome to What the Tech!? Any questioned asked is rarely considered “stupid” and you’re question is far from it.? I actually like this question as it discusses the idea of any lost cables and wires that might’ve been separated from devices that are coupled with the computer.

In your situation, there usually is a power cable required for the modem.? A modem will pull power from the usual wall outlet just like any other device and I’ve yet to see one that uses power provided from the PC or any router (a device to split your internet connection via wires or wireless).

Let’s look at some pictures below and help you find a solution to get your modem back up and running.

First, lets make sure that this is the type of “circle” you are looking at:


Usually, most cable/DSL modem’s will have a similar sized outlet for your power cord.? While your design may have a larger circle or one that might be a different color, it should be the same standard design.

If you did misplace the cord, there are a couple options I recommend for you.

1) Contact your service provider about sending you replacement equipment.? Misplaced cords usually means the device has been in storage which could be outdated anyway.? I would check with your Internet Service Provider to determine if their is new equipment out, or if your modem is still good to use.? If it is still used today, there is definitely replacement parts they can send you.

2) If you are waiting for replacement parts/equipment to be sent, try looking for other power cords around the house from other devices such as wireless (house) phones, answering machines, small computer speakers or other computer devices.? Many of these cords are the same in voltage and size as your modem.? I do highly express caution because it may not be the same voltage as your device and providing an improper amount of electricity could damage or hurt your modem.

I hope you’re able to find the replacement cord you need to power your modem!