Hello, I’m a Mac.

Some of you may have read about a new little experiment that we’ve started here at WhattheTech called the MacBook Experience.? Basically one Windows loyalist has decided to switch over to a Mac entirely for 30 days and see if the experience can convert him to become a Mac Follower.? I am here to offer an previous Mac user’s point-of-view. 30 days is obviously a very short period of time to try and decide if OSX is right for you, so along the way I will be here to offer guidance and other useful tips and hints.? If you are reading this, you might be sitting on the fence yourself about whether to take the plunge into the world of a Mac, so in addition to helping out Hemal personally, I will be posting a tip or a hint or some other useful bit of knowledge that someone brand new to a Mac (or even some long-time Mac users) might not know.

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