I just recently started having trouble with my hard drive and I called the manufacturer but after they were no help I looked up my problem online and I found out that it looks like I need to use some of the diagnostic tools that came with my hard drive but I unfortunately lost the disk because I did not save the packaging.? I tried the manufacturer’s website but it was very complicated and I did not know what model I had.? Is there anyway you have a generic list of links that will help me find the tools I need?

Manufacturers make their websites incredibly difficult to navigate for their drivers and support documents.? It’s almost easier to Google “specific” driver and follow the links that follow except the problem with that is the date on the links that you receive and if they are not straight from the company then you face a trust issue!

I’ve done some searching on the internet and found a website that has a list of the most recent drivers and utilities for hard drives from the top brands out there.? I suggest you look there and use the links posted from those users which are screened and verified for validity and updated for the newest releases.

Click on the following link based on your brand of hard drive below:

Western Digital

If you do not know the brand of your hard drive, open up your computer case (make sure you take the proper precautions) and look on the top.? Most companies love to brand their products on the top of the hard drive with either the full name or an abbreviation; e.x: WD = Western Digital.

Experencing hard drive problems?? Try the utilities for your hard drive and verify it is still preforming properly.? Hard drives can also be completely formatted to factory settings by writing 0’s to the hard drive to ensure the data has been erased from it!? The utilities offered by hard drive manufacturers are extremely useful and should be utilized regularly.