What about the accessories…

I completely forgot about a huge part of buying any computer or any other major electronic device; the accessories that come with it, and the ones you can buy.

The goodies that came with the Mac were just bare essentials.? They packaged the powerhouse laptop with a power adapter, power cord extender, screen cloth to keep dust off the display and a couple Apple stickers.? They also included the software which had the OS X disk, drivers, applications and a free upgrade to Snow Leopard but that’s comparable to any free Windows 7 upgrade most manufacturers are including in their builds as well.? I have to say, I was a little bit disappointed in comparison to what most other makers include in their packages…

I want to make sure I mention the ability to get a free iPod and free printer with the Mac but those promotions are only for students and are not available year round.? When I bought my XPS, I was offered a similar oppertunity to purchase a printer that came with a full rebate but chose not to just for the hassle and lack of quality of the actual printer.? My XPS however came with the software, screen wipe and long power cord, but it also included a great case for the laptop as well as a remote.

Previous MacBook computers did ship out with remotes to control music, volume, etc. but to my surprise they stopped.

I went to shop for a case, but I felt like the normal guy shopping in a clothing store that only carried those tight fitting jeans.? Every case was made to hug the curves of the laptop, except lacked any substantial protection.? After I checked out the products that Apple offered, I hopped onto Ebay and ordered myself the same case that came with my XPS.? Some might say that the bigger case does not take advantage of the slim design of the MacBook but who cares, when you’re transporting something, I want protection against scratches, drops, bangs, rubbing up against other items…etc. before I care about a quarter of an inch that I could’ve saved.

Oh, yeah, all the Apple products were very pricey too!