Is there a way to play games requiring windows 95 on windows XP?

There are still tons of old games that are still better then the new garbage that comes out today.? While I still think the progression of games for the computer has come a long way from Pong to Far Cry or Counter Strike is still a positive change, I do not think I am ready to right off on some of the older games I grew up with.? I bet there are still a ton of you guys out there who are still die hard old gamers…Starcraft anyone?

With the advancement of operating systems and Windows 7 just around the corner, there are many games that will come off the shelf and be forced into retirement because they are starting to spoil and rot, but it does not mean they won’t run on our newer systems.? Here’s a way to continue to use some of your older games on a newer system.

In your specific situation, we’ll look at how to run a game for Windows 95 on Windows XP:

1.? Find the Executable (.exe) file of the program you are trying to run.

2.? Right click on the file and choose “properties.

3.? Click the tab that says “compatibility.

4. Check “Run this program in compatibility mode for”

^The default OS should be Windows 95- perfect for your situation

5.? Click Apply, and double click the .exe file.

There might be some problems that prevent the compatibility mode from working on older games, but for the most part you should be smooth sailing…