It’s getting closer to the end of my experiment and what can I say besides I’m still on a Mac and I’m very happy with it. There are a lot of positives I’ve found about OS X and the MacBook Pro that out weight some of the negatives of not having a dominate Windows Machine.

I’d like to discuss the task bar today, or as the Mac would put it, the “dock.” While the word “dock” still does not make me think of the location so much as the word “task bar,” I’m still pretty impressed with some of the features and accessibility it provides.

The new Windows 7 boasts an icon based task bar which allows you to drag and drop icons to the bar below to remain there every time you boot up your machine. Before this added feature, there would be no comparison between OS X and Windows, but I guess I can draw some parallel now.

I love the feature of scrolling over open programs and icons in Windows 7 as Aero will pop up a little preview of each open screen to browse through- a feature Apple could learn from except Apple has its own pro’s as well.

I love the ability that Apple gives its users to see which programs are running, which need attention (by simple animation) and which programs have windows open. They do not clutter the bottom of the viewing screen (where I keep my “dock”) and I have to say that I like the array of colors that accent the silver and black outline of my laptop itself.

I’m gonna have to give the advantage again to OS X here…they offer the better feature out of the two and after having a good deal of time operating both, I prefer the one that comes with OS X!