Portability is everything with most laptops in the market today, each boasting better and bigger battery’s.? With the official release of Windows 7 around the corner, many would suspect the newest operating system to optimize battery life to the maximum amount it could hold.

Surprisingly enough, there is a better way to efficiently optimize battery life for your notebook in Windows 7 that will not be done automatically by the operating system.

For those of you users who really like to stretch every possible percentage and minute out of your battery, I suggest you stop what you are doing, print out these instructions and extend your battery time even further!

  • Open the search box in the start menu and type in “CMD” to bring up the command prompt.
  • ^Make sure you are running as an administrator, if you are uncertain, right click and select to “Run As Administrator” and verify any account control prompts
  • In the command prompt, type in “powercfg -ENERGY” without the quotation marks.? There is a space between the end of -cfd and the start of -ENERGY
  • The system will be “tracing” for about a minute, but when it is complete, it will make a new file in C:\Windows\system32\energy-report.html which you can save to the desktop and open with a browser or HTML reader.
  • After that, it’s quite easy…Windows will output some instructions on how to make some changes to prevent the computer for searching for files and drivers or timing itself when to go to sleep.? Correcting these changes will stretch your battery life to a new height!

Post back with what your changes were after completing these steps!