I’ve been reading up a lot about this new Windows 7 that is suppose to be coming out and it looks nice, except my computer is old and I don’t know if it has the ability to handle the new operating system or if I will need to buy an entirely new computer itself.? Is there anyway I could find out if it will run on my machine?? I’ve upgraded and had people work on it so many times, I’m not sure what parts are in it anymore.

It’s great to stay proactive and determine if the newest software will run on your machine, especially without having lag or any other problems while running.? I do recommend the upgrade tremendously as users will be pleasantly surprised with the changes and new interface.? Let’s explore your options to determine if your computer is ready for the upgrade.

Microsoft offers a tool to use when wondering if your computer can handle the new Windows 7.? They have released their upgrade advisor which will tell us what parts you have running on your system, what graphics components, how much hard drive space, if you are running 32 or 64 bit software currently, and most importantly, if your computer will handle Windows 7 without any bumps or glitches!

To start the process, navigate to their Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor link and download the Advisor Beta and install it to your desktop.? It will verify you are running a legitimate copy of Windows.

Once it is ready to start the tests, I suggest you close out of all other programs and plan to let your computer run on its on for a good 10-30 minutes; it could take shorter or longer then this period.

Upon completion, the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor will let you know how complete your system is for the new operating system.? If you have some areas that are weaker then other, it will suggest some ways to improve your hardware, but if the entire system is lacking… it will let you know it is time for a new PC.

If you have any questions about the upgrade or if you should buy a new PC in general, come back and let us know…we’ll be glad to help!