I just bought a new computer and the start menu will not load but the desktop picture shows up. Is there anyway to fix this before I have to send it back to the company to get a new machine? Thanks

Problems right when you start up your computer just when you get it is generally not a good sign for that machine! I would be cautious and advise you to make sure the other parts of the computer are not lemons because it sounds like the OS on your hard drive had a bad install or there are some other errors with the machine.

If you’re determined to get this machine working right away to decide later if you should send it back to the manufacturer we can try a couple commands that might get your start menu to reappear!

First, the most simple and common fix is to restart the Explorer command. Try the CTRL + ALT + DELETE command and open up a new task manager. In the file menu, select run task and type in “explorer.exe”. It might take a second, but that should re-open your start menu if something is disabling it from loading during boot.

If that does not work, reboot your computer into safe mode (repeatedly tapping F8 during startup and selecting Safe Mode from the menu). The start menu should appear in safe mode but the screen will look blown up to a much smaller resolution. Open Start > Run and type in “scanreg /restore” with a space in between the “reg” and the “/”. Let it carry out its operations, reboot and hopefully this time you will have a new start menu.

For those of you out there who do receive products that you have to troubleshoot right as you open them out of the box, I highly suggest you send it back. It’s a dangerous sign when you have troubles with electronics, especially within the first 3 months of its lifespan!