Finally, Windows 7 has now been officially launched! Today, October 22nd marks the date of the release of Microsoft’s newest OS, Windows 7.? It has been a long anticipated release and it is finally here with manufacturers, retailers and other partners being able to sell the item officially.

I was lucky enough to attend the launch event in NYC with keynote speaker Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, and catch all the newest technology that is expected to be revamped, revolutionized and created with the new Windows 7.

Windows 7 Launch

Steve Ballmer was the primary speaker at the event, but his trusted co-workers were the ones who were showing off all the cool little tricks users can expect to take advantage of with the new stream line OS.? Surprisingly, Microsoft also took the opportunity to look ahead into the future with its multi-touch capabilities and gave a preview of all the new and exciting things Windows will now bring to the table…I have to say, I was pleasantly impressed!

It was an exhausting day with waking up early to get to the event and stand in line, as well as covering it live standing to take pictures while gathering the most information possible for you readers but I can assure you that these next days to come will have exciting pictures you can exclusively see ONLY on What the Tech with some new information which was only released through the members at the launch!

Steve to WTT

^As you can tell, Steve is clearly addressing the audience of What the Tech throughout the launch!