I want to transfer my documents and favorites from hard drive on desktop computer to my laptop. ?I have a flash drive but don’t know how to use it. ?I’m a klutz in cyberspace… so do you have any easy instructions for me to follow? ?Many thanks in advance!!

flashdriveA flash drive is a wonderful new tool that every computer user should understand.? It allows for an easy and fast transfer of files from one computer to the next.? In some cases, you can even take your flash drive straight from your computer with pictures and hook it up to an appropriate printer to print directly from the flash drive without a computer!

To transfer over some of your document and favorites from your hard drive of your desktop computer to your laptop, we will be using a flash drive like you mentioned.? Make sure you have both computers nearby, a clean flash drive and your computers powered on.

The first step to do is to plug in your flash drive into an available USB port on your desktop computer.? Give it a minute for it to find the device and load what ever preloaded junk that might’ve been included with your USB key.? If it prompts you to restart your computer now that it has loaded the device properties, just ignore it.

Once your device has been loaded, open up My Computer and look for a new drive; probably something like the E: or F: drive that might have the brand name of your USB key.? Double click it to open up a blank new window which displays the contents on your flash drive.

Simply drag and drop all the documents you wish to transfer into your USB key window and wait for the progress bars to be complete and disappear.? If your documents are too large and you do not have enough space for your USB key, you will receive an error message that your storage unit is too full.? If so, just repeat this process in steps and transfer over a smaller number of files at a given time.

After your files have been transferred onto the USB Key, right click the device in My Computer and select Eject.? Wait for the device to disappear in the My Computer window before you eject it.? Plug the flash drive into a free USB port on your laptop and open up the device in My Computer.? Drag and drop from the contents window of your USB key onto your laptop hard drive wherever you desire and then remove the documents from the USB key by deleting the files in that content window.

If you have any more files you wish to transfer, just repeat the process above.? I suggest you make sure you have at least a 2-4 gig USB key; files are getting bigger now a days and you should have a bigger storage unit!