notebook-malfunctionI was reading an article that stated 1 in every 3 laptops will die within the first three years.? Shockingly enough I would suspect that number to be a lot higher rather then 33%.? I dove further into the issue to read the article include more information about companies like HP, Acer and Gateway manufacturing some of the worst laptops with a surprising 25.6% hardware fail rate from HP.

While the article goes on to include facts such that most (20.4% hardware vs. 10.6% accidental damage of spills and drops) are to blame on the manufacture, can we really say that the user is not to be blamed?? I agree that not all companies are created equal but they do use the same parts and products from the same companies such as Intel, nVidia and AMD.? What the Tech?? Users create and most of the preventable problems that will occur in any sort of technological breakdown.

One of my favorite quotes for computer problems is: “99% of the problem sits in front of the monitor.”? How many times do we drop, dent, scratch, spill or mistreat our electronics?? While they include a percentage in the stats about accidental damage, there is no inclusion that hardware failure is specifically a fault of the hardware…

Hardware can preform perfectly in ideal conditions but if how many students shove laptops in their dirty, dusty, crumb filled backpacks that fill the crevices and air vents of laptops allowing them to heat up and kill hardware faster.

I do not agree with the facts found by the report that laptops are destroyed and killed more by hardware then the user itself.? Show me someone who carefully uses their computers without any wear and tear and I wonder how long that piece of equiptment lasts.
Any of our users out there care to share about how long their computers last?? Anyone have some older machines that they still use?? I’d be curious to know.