Can I install two anti-virus programs on one computer?? Will this give me double the protection than having only one anti-virus program?

doubleTroubleI’m glad someone FINALLY asked about installing two anti-virus programs on one machine; it’s a huge misconception!? Normally the expression, “two are better then one” in computers holds true with dual cores or dual hard drives, dual video cards or even dual monitors, but when it comes to anti-virus programs…two is NOT better than one!

Two anti-virus programs will take up incredible amounts of your system resources at once.? If both run scans at the same time, you can definitely wipe the chance of trying to simultaneously use the computer!

Anti-virus programs are large resources hogs and for that reason, they are meant to be kept alone.? They will not share the resources but in fact fight over them causing more problems exposing larger holes in your computer.

Each anti-virus program has a specific library of infections and will update to maintain with the times, but each library is not created equal.? If there are differences in the library, it will once again cause a struggle between which anti-virus to “give precedence” thus allowing the infection to skip by.

If you are worried about your computer, I recommend downloading the better anti-virus programs out there rather then worrying about installing two different software choices.? Look for something that offers real-time protection and daily scans without hogging large amounts of system resources or inconvenient library definition updates.