Droid_by_Motorola_FrontOpen_VZW_EyeThe Motorola Droid took a major software improvement with Android 2.0; a noticeable upgrade from the previous 1.5, 1.6 software.

While Android’s software updates did not strive to be flashy and revolutionary, they made smarter functionality updates from the previous software.? Consider the changes to be small scale per phone function such as email accounts or SMS featuers, but when put together, a large overall improvement on the phone is made.

Google made some innovative improvements in the email functionality of a smartphone.? While most Blackberry users might laugh at the short coming of any revolutionary change to the way email is delivered, most other smartphone users? should find the new Android software to be the new level of obtaining email for any smartphone.? Google now allows multiple user accounts that can be streamed into one account to view all emails without having to access different icons.? While it still keeps a separate account for GMail, its a great feature to be able to put all incoming emails into one box.

Contacts were a major upgrade with the Android software.? Not only is the scrolling flawless like the iPhone, your contacts list can now integrate with many social networking sites like Facebook which was rumored to have a hand in the development of the new phone OS.? Viewing each contact gives you the ability to message them via SMS, Email, Facebook and of course, the ability to call them.

The calendar has the ability to sync with your social media life as well as your business life.? Supporting two calendars (regular and corporate) Google Android lets the user live the business life with an outside life as well!? Don’t worry about entering in party invitations or other events from Facebook as they now have the ability to sync straight into your phone!

Without the effect of multi-touch like the iPhone, Google Android made browsing very effective.? It allows the double tap system to zoom in and out and the new innovation of the browser removes any “checkerboard” effect when scrolling up and down (no lag in loading a page when scrolling).? I prefer to use the Android when using the browser over my Blackberry Tour.? For some reason, although they are on the same network, I’ve noticed even faster speeds with the Droid as well…not to mention the Droid also supports wifi!

Switching between portrait mode and landscape mode is automatic on the Droid with a flawless switch between both modes.? Whether you are playing a game or simply browsing the web, the Droid handles the angles and direction like a champ!

I’m very impress with the subtle yet effective improvements with the Motorola Droid…was there anything that Google Android missed?