I’ve always found the idea of extinction or watching something become obsolete incredibly fascinating, especially when you become part of the generation that participates in the progression of that area of technology.

I’ve become recently surprise by the recent movement away from the CD towards DVD’s and USB keys and I’m beginning to think we’re slowly watching the CD become obsolete and outdated in our generational time.? What the Tech?!

CD’s were the coolest thing when they came out back in the 80’s when they were just a prototype…they held incredible amounts of data in relation to its brother and sister; the floppy or the zip…and to have a CD burner in your computer was the latest and greatest advancement in computer technology but I’m beginning to slowly watch its extinction occur in front of my own eyes.

CD’s were the biggest hit in music, whether it was buying a CD album or “burning” some music for the car or a friend!? Now we just click a button and instantly the entire album has been copied and stored in our computer hard drive…and instead of burning it onto a CD for the car, we just load it onto a portable hard drive via USB.

The only prominent place CDs have left in today’s market is in the software industry but it’s only a matter of short time before they are done away with.? Most copy’s of operating systems are released on DVD’s and are becoming more readily available online for instant download.? I’m surprised Windows 7 hasn’t been released on a USB key rather than a DVD…but I fully expect the next edition to be sent on USB key format.
I dedicate this post to the optical sensation CD!? RIP little guy…you were great!