The music industry has been battling illegal downloads of music since the creation of basic P2P programs such as Napster or Limewire but a 22-year college drop out might have the solution…

Can a “kid” really be the answer to one of the entertainment industries biggest financial problems which might save billions of dollars in revenue for record labels, artists and even entertainment stores?!? What the Tech?!

22 year-old Sam Tarantino came up with the potential solution to the downloading of illegal music via an idea which is now dubbed the “YouTube” of music. markets itself as the legal way to stream music online while preventing the risk of pirating music off an illegal site or paying the expensive prices for the full album…I like to think of it as an online iTunes without the 30 second preview limit.

Other alternatives such as Pandora allow a user to browse similar music but do not allow playlist creations of ONLY the songs you want to here and require a paid subscription to get some of their advance features.? The VIP membership of Grooveshark removes advertisements but does not change the fundamental features of the site.

Grooveshark boasts full features such as popular song recommendation and the ability to generate full playlists online to keep minimized on an internet tab!

Try it out, I’d love to know what everyone else thinks.