Hi, can anyone please assist? I get this message whenever I click on to Internet Explorer to get on the web: “Access Violation at Address 6CB616B7 in module ‘AVGT00~1.DLL. Read of address 00000004”

It looks as if some of your installation files are corrupt and your AVG upgrade or update did not go as planned.? Sometimes software upgrade files are unable to properly remove the previous versions of their predecessors and leave error messages behind.? Let’s get rid of this annoying message.

The overall goal of this fix is to uninstall the old version of AVG and install a fresh version.? To do so, we’ll try to uninstall AVG and then you can navigate over to AVG.com to download a fresh copy.

The first thing that needs to be done is to uninstall AVG.? Try removing the program from the Add/Remove programs menu in the Control Panel.? If the uninstall gives you errors, do not panic; with these error messages, some turbulence is expected.

Open AVG, and disable the Resident Shield; be sure to save this in the AVG user interface.? Reboot and close the AVG program if you see it after reboot in the system tray.? Once again, try to uninstall the program.

If that still does not work, search for the “Running Services” in your administrative tools in the Control Panel and disable all services that are associated with AVG including the AVG auto updater.? Run the uninstall and after it is complete, delete any files and folders in your program files.? Reboot and install a fresh version of the most recent AVG program!