I was reading about the new line of Fords that are set to come out this year in 2010. Ford is planning to add the likes of Twitter, Pandora and Stitcher to its cars and is flirting with the idea to come up with a partnership working with Google.

While Ford has had partnerships in the past with Microsoft, I’d like to draw the attention back to the idea of Twitter in the car…What the Tech?

Does anyone else find a problem of adding Twitter in the car?? The company released that it will allow the user (via voice navigation) to update their Twitter account from within the car.? Why is this even needed?? Who really needs to be tweeting what they are doing or where they are?? If it’s really that important someone knows where you are, then call them…don’t tweet it.
Also, Pandora in the car?? You’re better off with XM radio or even the REGULAR radio thats FREE.? While Pandora is free, you need to create a paying account otherwise you’re only allowed a certain amount of music per month.? The radio already contains stations that play music similar to each other; you won’t turn on a rock station and hear the new 50 Cent song…it’s OK to use.

I think it’s very ridiculous that a company that is falling bankrupt is using our Government money to rebuilt a line of cars and salvage its future through the use of Twitter, Pandora and Stitcher applications.? I feel duped and think my money would’ve been better off given to a 3rd world country; maybe they can come up with a better solution with a better education.