I have a monitor that goes black every 2-3 seconds.? It is a new monitor and I don’t know why.? I will be browsing the internet and it will just shut off and on by itself.? Why would it be doing this?? Should I return and exchange the monitor?? Thanks!

Well that sounds like a rough introduction to a new monitor!? There are many problems reported with monitors blacking out so its tough to pinpoint one exact cause.? I’ll list a couple suggestions for you to try and you should be able to get your monitor back up and working!

1) Check Power Source/Supply- Check the power source to the monitor itself and to the graphics card.? If the graphics card does not have ample supply to power a higher resolution to a monitor then it will automatically shut off or flicker.? Check the recommended power settings for your computer graphics card and verify you have a quality source.

2) Faulty cables/Resolution- try checking the monitor cables and switch the way the monitor is hooked up to the computer.? If it has the option to be plugged in VGA or DVI instead of HDMI, I would try those settings instead.? A lower resolution may be a fitting solution.

3) Capacitor short inside the monitor- this would require a replacement capacitor so instead of a self-installation, I would bring the monitor back for an exchange.

One of these solutions should solve you’re problem having with your monitor.? Troubleshoot as much as you can but if you just bought this monitor, you should not have to try and slave away at making it work.