How does the software off an Android phone versus a Windows Mobile or Blackberry compare?? I’m looking to buy a new phone and I would like to know which is the best!? Thanks.

Since the emergence of Google, the mobile platform has become a flat land for developers (besides the iPhone) to create different phones for different users.? You have your phones geared towards business, phones geared towards social networking and texting and phones that are just all rounders.? I decided to put these three software platforms to the test in a battle royal…

I got some great devices from Verizon Wireless this past week to put to the test in our review.? We’ll be using the HTC Eris, HTC Imagio and Blackberry Tour for our review.

Like our previous mobile and electronic devices review, we’ll stay away from the techy specs that most users ignore, and we’ll focus more on the actual day to day use and features.? By the end of our reviews, I hope you’ll have a better understanding of which mobile platform is better for your needs and which direction you’d like to take your next device too.