Just a few years ago if you bought a “smart phone” you basically had two choices: Windows Mobile or Palm OS. Nowadays you have a whole slew of choices from iPhone OS, Blackberry OS, and Android. Choosing a mobile OS is a highly personal choice, and while Android has been getting a lot of attention lately as being the latest and greatest mobile OS, Android may not be the choice for everyone especially with the limited hardware offerings available at the moment.

Enter the HTC Imagio, one of the latest phones to launch sporting Windows Mobile 6.5. The Imagio sports a 3.6-inch WVGA touchscreen display, a 5 megapixel camera GPS and GSM connectivity in addition to Verizon?s CDMA/EV-DO connectivity.

Those familiar with HTC’s recent mobile offerings will instantly recognize the touchFLO 3D present on all of their Windows Mobile devices. For those that don’t know what touchFLO 3D is, HTC has created a skin for Windows Mobile that changes the entire user experience. In my opinion, touchFLO 3D is very polished and is much nicer than the traditional Windows Mobile 6.5 UI both aesthetically and and functionally.

In terms of hardware, the Imagio comes with a 3.6 inch resistive touchscreen. The screen is sharp and colors are vibrant, and the touchscreen responsiveness is about the best I’ve seen from a resistive screen. That being said, I don’t feel that it is up to par with the responsiveness of a capacitive screen like those found on the Motorola Droid or iPhone, but then again, no resistive screen ever will be. Hard buttons include a volume rocker on the side of the phone, and five buttons on the face of the phone: Send, a Media button, a Start button, back/clear, and End/Power. A dedicated Lock button would’ve been a nice addition.

The HTC Imagio is more geared towards the casual user than the business road warrior. Without the physical keyboard but the inclusion of a 3.5 mm headphone jack and support for V Cast Mobile TV, the Imagio is better suited to browse the web, watch videos, or listen to music, than answering all your daily emails. While it is certainly more than capable of doing so, I feel there are some phones better suited for that task.