The newest product that’s taking the tech world by storm is the new E-Readers that are being released by companies globally.? The e-reader that started the new wave was the Amazon Kindle which has gotten some incredible sales numbers but the Kindle is soon to lose its market share with the release of some similar products.

While I’ve never had first hand experience using one of these e-readers, the idea really intrigues me but I can’t believe this is the future of our electronic reading…another device to add to the pocket/back pack?? It’s starting to get pretty heavy in there already…What the Tech?!

How many devices do you currently carry around today?? Most have a phone, an mp3 player, a laptop…the amount of devices is really starting to pile up.? Now the industry wants to add an e-reader for things such as the daily newspaper or your book that you magically have so much more time for since it’s in electronic format?

I personally use my blackberry with a large SD card as a music player.? Why?? It’s much easier to carry around my phone with a roll up set of headphones then an iPod and a phone and update both!

I’m starting to now reduce the amount of times I turn on my laptop especially because I can manage my emails from my phone and browse the internet for quick questions or check on sports scores with the phone apps.? Do I think an e-reader is necessary?? No.? I’d rather see a website launch that offers books to be downloaded from them to mobile phones or newspapers to be sent (sections of newspapers) via email or what not.? I think investing in better phone technology with multi-touch, better battery life and the ability to change screen features to resemble more e-reader like features would be a better choice then trying to invent a gadget that will become obsolete within a year.

Mark my words: E-Readers will be outdated within a year and be replaced by the mobile phone industry; everything else already has been.