How do I remove the Rootkit.Win32.TDSS infection on my computer?? I searched and found out it is a root kit.? What is that exactly?

A rootkit is one of the most dirty infections out on the internet today.? While most other infections like to pride themselves on taking control of your machine by parading around with massive banners and ugly programs, a rootkit discretely takes control of a computer and tries to act as if everything is normal.

The infection you have is one of the newest infections that has a specific tool to use to remove it from your machine.

Download the file and extract it to your computer.? Run the file and let it create a log on the C:/ drive.

The scan may take some time but it should remove the infection without the requirement of a reboot.? It will allow you to view the progress of the removal in a black CMD screen.

The TDSSKiller will search your computer registry for infected files or hidden files that are trying to “play it cool” and lay low in the background.? Once it finds and removes the infection, I recommend a reboot (although it may not be necessary) and a scan from your favorite anti-virus software.