NVIDIA released the new and highly anticipated Optimus technology to balance out the need for high level graphic performance without compromising battery life in laptops and notebooks.

Laptop and notebooks use to only have one standard of graphics card, either low end integrated performance with high battery life or high end graphic performance with terrible battery life; Optimus is the new solution!

nVidia Optimus technology will introduce something called “switchable graphics.”? It will allow the computer to choose what level of performance graphics it needs therefore allowing it to save power and battery life during lower end usage.

For example, for those of you who spend the majority of the day surfing the web, answering emails or typing up Word documents, the computer would switch to lower end integrated graphics where it could provide you 8-10 hours of battery life.? If you like to game every once in a while, the computer will be able to switch over to higher performance and give you that graphics boost but have a battery life of 3 hrs.

AMD has been working on a similar product and previous versions of such software calls for the user to log off and back in to change graphics but not anymore with the new Intel technology.? Optimus will only work on Windows 7 so make sure you look for this new technology on your new notebook or laptop!