We all know that Google made a great operating system in Android for mobile phones but what are some of the faults in Android?? What is there left to improve?

With every great innovation, there are great downfalls.? Some say these holes are the doors to the next big break; improvement areas.

I’ve had some time with a couple Android phones and I’ve found some of the design flaws in the software as well as the hardware that Android phones are released on.

The first major flaw I’ve seen in any of the mobile phones Android has been put on is the lack of a physical QWERTY keyboard (and yes, I know the Motorola Droid has a ‘keyboard’).? Before I get complaints from readers that the Droid has a great slide out keyboard; I’ve used my fair share of keyboards and that one is as useless as anything out there.

Android also lacks some software features.? It does not have a program or button that allows you to “update all” so you’re left to click each program to update it individually; it gets pretty annoying.

I’ve also seen some pretty terrible support for other ‘Non-Google’ applications or email clients.? Blackberry offers support for Yahoo, Google and other clients besides their own Blackberry email address so I’d expect to see the same elsewhere.

Google has some holes to fill before they claim they have the best applications and software out on the market.? While they are the best (in my mind) they are not without reach from other companies and software developers.