What’s the last thing teenagers across the world need?? If you said another social networking site, you couldn’t be more right.? Unfortunately, the geniuses at Google care to disagree.

Google announced the release of Google Buzz, another addition to the social networking site to integrate their chain of emailing and chatting with photo sharing and “real time updates,” also known as their form of twitter.? What the Tech?!

I think Google Buzz has to be the worst creation from Google yet.? It sums up to be the integration of all of Google’s products and the ability to get their hand in the social networking media which should level off or start to decline soon.? They included the real time feature for people to “twitter” on their pages, which is just a copied form of the famous site and then integrated features from Facebook.

I don’t envision Google Buzz taking any relevant share away from Facebook or Twitter, nor do I imagine anyone really getting excited over the idea.? I see people using the page just because it now ties into their email but I think the traditional Facebook/Twitter combo should hold up better.

The real winner will be a group that comes out allowing people off an office building or fan club to join together (not Facebook or Google groups) but a true social networking site that allows you to find people of real interest or work location.

What are your thoughts on Google Buzz?