One of the largest features for the Palm Pre Plus from Verizon Wireless is the Mobile Hotspot application.? This dandy little program will allow you to spread your data and internet connection from Verizon Wireless to other devices by broadcasting your own mobile network.

Earlier this week, my wireless router passed away (the wifi radio broke) so what better timing to try out the mobile hotspot application!? I created a network from the phone, password protected the network and then tried to connect to it from my laptop.

The initial setup of my own network was a breeze.? I thought it would be some tedious and troublesome process, but within seconds I was ready to connect to my first device- kudos to who ever is responsible for receiving props on that.

I saw the network instantly on my MacBook Pro and joined up.? The connection was instantaneous and I fired up my browser.? The homepage loaded quickly (as it was still in the cache of my browser) but the rest of my experience was nothing short of what I’d expect.? It was the same speed of browsing on my mobile phone, just on a larger scale if not slower.

I was able to load some of my favorite webpages, but the only advantage I found using this application was just the ability to load it on a larger screen rather then my small phone screen.? I was impressed that I was still able to make and receive phone calls while sending out my data (this might not be true, I might have be disconnected without knowing, but lets assume I’m right!)

For those of you business users who are on the go and would like to subscribe to only one data plan, this would be a great way if needed to browse some pages on the go, but since the phone will already receive and send emails, I’m not sure how much more it is needed since wifi has grown to be everywhere!