This morning marked the pre-order day for the Apple iPad and I’m hoping no one woke up at 8:30 AM EST to order one.? I assure you, there will be plenty of these products that were rushed out of R&D.

I still can’t believe even after all the early criticism the iPad received, that Apple will continue to ship these products out!? What the Tech?!

The concept of the iPad is very cool, but it has some major flaws.? If you missed my flaws of the iPad post, I suggest you go back and read that post first before you read why I’m mocking those who decide to pre-order the iPad today.

A computer should be considered “revolutionary” if it contains all the abilities and functions of a previous computer and has the capability to take those ideas it to the next level…this computer doesn’t even have the ability to support flash.

The iPad is an oversized iTouch or iPhone and it’s a cool toy to play with for about 30 minutes until you get bored with it, and need a real computer to get some work done.? It’s a distraction, not a productivity machine or anything that could be considered remotely close.

The iPad has some cool features like the bookstore app and of course it LOOKS nice browsing simple webpages, but so does my blackberry, why do I need to shell out another $500 bucks for a bigger version of it when I can walk to my desk and use my laptop.

Apple, you came out with another great design, but quite frankly, I won’t buy it nor recommend it until I see it has some greater functionality or until some serious tweaking is done.